My Naan For The Great Bloggers Bake Off

The Great Bloggers Bake Off is this weekend, and I wanted to take part. Originally I had in mind making some sweets that are a special treat for us, but I did not have time to go to Wembley to buy some of the ingredients I needed.

Something we bake a lot though is Naan. I made some this week with garlic and fresh coriander, but normally it is mama-ji who will be making chapatis, naan, puri and many other tasty breads to feed our hungry family.

Mama-ji had to watch me and make sure I was doing this properly. She could have made a much better job of this, but she let me do it. As this year’s Bake Off is about love, I want to dedicate this to her. We owe everything to her – she is a very special person.

Please visit Caramel’s site and look at all of the baking photographs from the great bloggers on WordPress.

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