Happy Kally

Instead of calling me Kalpesh, friends since school have called me Kally. Then they strted calling me Kushi Kally – Happy Kally.

It makes me feel good that family and friends know me as Happy. That’s what i want to do with my life, with the world and with my blog – share the happiness.

Happy To Have A Mix Of Cultures

I have always felt glad to know that there is more to life than South London. I love living here, and I feel a big part of the loves of all my family and friends, but travelling to the towns my parents grew up and went to school in was a big part of learning about myself and the world.


…will definitely be making an appearance on my blog. I love talking about sport so if you share my interest, please say hello.


One of the bonuses about having so many great cooks in the family is an never ending variety of delicious food that I find it easy to be enthusiastic about. So look out for lots of food posts on my site.

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